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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

AtoZ Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “AtoZ”) may collect personal information via this website such as user names or email addresses to provide our services and for recruitment purposes. AtoZ will only use the collected personal information as set out in this policy.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

AtoZ uses the collected personal information only for the purposes disclosed above.
If any necessity arises beyond the scope of the above-mentioned purposes, AtoZ shall notify the new purpose prior to use of the information. Only under agreement will personal information be used for purposes not outline above.

Protection of Personal Information

In principal, AtoZ shall not provide personal information to third parties unless this has been agreed upon beforehand. However there are exceptions as follows; in the case that information will be disclosed to the necessary extent to allying, consigning and affiliating companies with which AtoZ has signed confidential agreements, the case that disclosure is requested for legal reasons, or that judiciary or governmental authorities request disclosure of information. There is also a possibility that information in the form of data, after statistical processing to prevent identification of individual names, will be offered to third parties. In addition, when providing such personal information to third parties as authorized or allowed above, AtoZ shall take measures that obligate the third party to be responsible for the management of the personal information, thereby preventing its misuse or leakage to any other party.

Confirmation, Correction or Deletion of Personal Information

A speedy and appropriate response will be taken when a customer or applicant wishes to inquire about, correct or delete his or her personal information.

Revision of the Privacy Policy

AtoZ reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time in response to customers’ or applicants’ requests and any revision of relevant laws.

Contact Information
For any comments or questions related to this privacy policy,
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